eqTAG speeds up Onelift’s service business

Onelift Company Presentation

Onelift provides a full range of lift services to customers. Our deep understanding of equipment and customer needs helps us make sure your existing equipment runs smoothly throughout its lifetime. Trained professionals ensure that clients receive the very best technical expertise. Our Service portfolio includes all services from startup projects to renovations. Our maintenance is planned to fit your needs and makes sure your equipment performs reliably and safely, while also extending its lifespan.

Onelift Challenge

Onelift wanted to to digitalize service reporting in the field. Reporting was done with paper and pen in the field. Onelift’s installed base information was also spread in several databases and the access to information was limited in the field.

Requirements for the software

“For us the reliability and user friendliness of the system play the key role. There is no room for missing reports, and unless the system is easy-to-use, you will waste too much valuable time just for reporting, states Christian Rautiainen, CEO Onelift”.

“Lift service is regulated by authorities and depending on the type and use of lift, the requirement is 6-12 condition checks per year. With our customer base it means hundreds of service tasks per month.”


Onelift is using eqTAG’s standard software version.

In the Field Service Management module, task are scheduled and dispatched in eqTAG. Service technicians get scheduled jobs to their mobile phones and they report jobs on the go.

The  Installed Base Management module in the software delivers real-time visibility into up-to-date service history, lift information and location. Now everybody has access to relevant data when ever and where ever it’s needed. The separate features Onelift is using are listed in the right side of the page.

In the startup project eqTAG helped Onelift to migrate their customer data into the system. Onelift took also intelligent product label (NFC tag) into use for all their installed base (lifts). From the NFC tag, all up-to-date lift documentation and lifecycle history can be locally accessed via mobile device.

Customized features for Onelift

To make work management convenient, Onelift wanted to have a calendar view where they could see the whole (annual) service plan at glance.

Therefore we customized own separate annual calendar view for the pre-scheduled work orders. In this calendar view, open task are in red and when the tasks are executed the color turns green. View is used for scheduling work orders, field reporting and service plan follow up.

eqTAG Benefits

Software has helped us to digitize reporting in the field and our installed base information is always up-to-date. Now we have at least 2 hours per week of additional billable working time per technician in use. Over the period of a year that gives us hundreds of hours more billable time in the field.

For us eqTAG has been a very effective tool and we’ve been able to speed up our business with it, states Christian Rautiainen, CEO Onelift.

“I highly recommend you choose this software if you’re looking for easy-to-use platform to manage your service based business.”


Southern Finland




  • Service order management
  • Field reporting
  • Customized work management calendar
  • Installed base management
  • Notifications
  • Diary
  • Power BI