Behind every great innovation there has been a need to make things easier and better.


We come from the field. Our passion is to deliver the best possible Field Service System.
From the service management to productivity of field workers, our Field Service solution helps teams all over the world benefit the power of making things easier.
Hands on, our mission is to help Service teams unleash their true capasity.

Brief history

Background in the service, our team had faced the same problems in their work. Industry was relying on the decades old working methods and systems. New advanced web-based technologies, widely used in other businesses, was not utilized in the service.
Back in 2015, after waiting for years, we could not still see any mind blowing Field service systems coming in the market, which we could benefit in our work. And time goes by slowly for the one who waits. For us it seemed obvious, that utilizing new technologies you could build more efficient Field service software. We decided to build one our self and eqTAG was started beginning on 2016.
First version was released in June 2016. Later on the system has been further developed to a modular platform. Still it’s the same Field Service Software. Create an account in a minute, and start using the out-of-box version or customize one to fit best your business needs.
Now years later the system is widely used and the number of satisfied customers is growing.